My Gold Portrait

Gold Portrait gold is refined in Switzerland to the highest purity 24K, 999.9 fineness subsequently handed to a second generation of specialized Chinese gold craft artists to record your memory in 24K gold.

While modern technology has really enhanced the caliber of our treasured pictures, the durability and enduring quality on paper as well as in digital format is still questionable.

gold foil print

Where would you trust your most treasured memories to, paper, 24K gold or digital format?

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"How To Get An Ex Back" - Amazing In depth Breakup Guides Reveal All

Before a breakup, it is very challenging to win back an ex-lover. An example may be usually being devoured mentally and emotionally by the breakup devastation, and just can�t reset the relationship time for the wonderful part they remember, and wish back.

"Secrets Of How To really get your Ex Back" by Tom Daniels are male & female specific free mini-course and Paid e-book programs that offer broken hearted men and women a second chance to stop a separation or win back an ex.

Tom Daniels of Reignited Relationships is really a highly sought after relationship coach & breakup adviser. Tom Daniels launched the free and full "Secrets Of methods To Get Your Ex Back," and contains received thousands of happy comments from his clients that he helped to start over relationships. After Toms own breakup experience(s) he refined his methods, providing people with massive amounts of proven tips & advice for well over 10 years for winning an ex back, and a large number of users have proven this worldwide.

This "Secrets Of the way To Get Your Ex Back Guides" review was developed to show people that their breakup situation will not be as hopeless as it seems to them. Unlike other guidebooks that are sold on the world wide web, "Secrets Of How To get Your Ex Back" system gives a true plan and blueprint for the way to get an ex back.

When one visits the principle website one can be prepared to learn from The Tom Daniels of Reignited Relationships free and full course guides:

-A powerful psychological trick to prevent a breakup and the rejection

-How to use a covert type of jealousy to ones advantage.

-How to work with Facebook to magnetically attract an ex back.

-A way to get an ex back, even if they�re with someone else right now.

-If one can�t get an ex to return ones texts, messages or calls, emails etc. Then one can use this seemingly magical trick, along with their ex will be begging for his or her attention.

-A "simple-to-create" state of mind that will magnetically pull an ex back with zero effort.

-What to convey and do right this second to get ones ex back.

Inside the full "Secrets to Get Him Back," and "The Techniques for Get Her Back Guides" which are in their 2nd editions now you'll find very rare "Attraction Triggers" to win an ex back, and the are not likely found elsewhere on the planet. It�s from the Tom Daniels, anf the husband is the man that over 246,497 men and women have used to get back lost love when most ways apparently fail.

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Tips Memilih Krim Pemutih Kulit

Seringkali kita melihat banyak orang yang menjual krim pemutih kulit. Cara penggunaannya pun beragam. Bahkan ada yang setelah dioleskan dalam beberapa menit, kulit langsung menjadi putih bersih.

Sampai ada penjual yang membuktikan dengan foto sendiri kulit sebelum dan sesudah dioles krim pemutih. Namun pertanyaannya, amankah produk pemutih itu bagi kulit? Sebaiknya anda hati-hati bila memilih krim pemutih untuk kulit.

Berikut ini beberapa tips bagaimana memilih pemutih kulit yang aman.

1. Periksa legalitas produk
Sebelum membeli krim pemutih, cek dulu apakah merk yang akan dibeli sudah terdaftar di Badan Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan atau belum. Biasanya di kemasan produk akan tertera nomer ijin dari BPOM Indonesia. Produk-produk pemutih kulit yang terdaftar di BPOM tentu lebih terjamin kualitas dan keamanannya untuk kulit.

2. Teliti kandungan bahan berbahaya
Kosmetik atau krim pemutih yang menjanjikan hasil instan biasanya mengandung bahan-bahan berbahaya seperti merkuri dan hidrikuinon. Dalam dosis lebih dari 2%, hidrokuinon sangat berbahaya karena dapat menimbulkan kanker kulit. Sedangkan produk pemutih yang mengandung merkuri bila digunakan dalam jangka panjang dapat berakibat kulit malah menghitam, dan merkuri mengendap di dalam ginjal. Jangan tergiur dengan hasil instan karena  krim pemutih kulit yang bisa memutihkan secara instan belum tentu aman untuk kulit.

3. Pilih yang mengandung bahan alami
Daripada memilih krim pemutih yang instan, lebih baik memilih produk pemutih yang efek memutihkannya berjalan perlahan tapi hasilnya pasti dan aman untuk kulit. Banyak bahan-bahan alami yang biasa digunakan untuk membuat krim pemutih kulit. Contohnya ekstrak bengkuang, susu, vitamin C, dll.

4. Beli di outlet resmi
Saat ini banyak sekali produk krim pemutih dijual bebas oleh perorangan. Patut diwaspadai bila membeli produk pemutih karna mungkin saja yang anda beli adalah produk palsu yang bebas tersebar di pasaran. Apalagi bila merk yang sudah terkenal akan lebih banyak kemungkinan dipalsukan. Lebih aman untuk membeli produk krim pemutih di outlet-outlet resmi.

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